The Simmons Sales Team

Real Estate Agent/Broker

Jake Simmons is a 3rd generation realtor growing up in and around real estate all his life. We have been actively selling homes since 2003 providing our clients experience that helps us navigate seamlessly through various transactions. Together we are the brokers of our RE/MAX office and now our own daughter is a 4th generation realtor in the making. Family and quality of life is everything to us. It is important to us to not get caught up just selling homes. We know we have a real responsibility to make our buyers and sellers happy and confident in the decisions they make in buying a home in a community they love with amenities they seek. We aren't looking for a one time sale we are looking for a long term relationship with our clients who know that they can trust us not only with their first home but with the many others they will buy and sell in their years to come.